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This is a weekly blog that I have created with the sole purpose of creating a hand bound book once a month. I will be showing the entire process from start to finish. Although I would appreciate some mention of credit, please feel free to use and share any information found on this blog. The creative process rarely happens in a vacuum.

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2015 Week One - The Introduction

This month's book form will be Hedi Kyle's Diagonal Pocket Fold Book.  It was a demo I had original posted on the Binders Guild blog.  I have had a few suggestions and questions on the tutorial itself, so this month I'm going to do the demo again and see if I can improve on it.

If you would like to see the first tutorial, here's the link bindersguild - hedi kyle diagonal pocket fold

Here's the original finished book:


Opened, showing diagonal folds

Here are the materials I will be using:

For the book form:
1 - 12" x 20" text weight paper -  The weight of the paper is very important because it cannot be too thick or inflexible.

For the text block (which is optional):
6 - 5 1/2" x 8" text weight paper

It should be quite fun and interesting to re-envision this structurally complex book form.
Once again, I also plan to address not only the form but the content.  So, next week's post will be Content.

See you then!

Happy Book Binding!


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