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This is a weekly blog that I have created with the sole purpose of creating a hand bound book once a month. I will be showing the entire process from start to finish. Although I would appreciate some mention of credit, please feel free to use and share any information found on this blog. The creative process rarely happens in a vacuum.

Monday, March 30, 2015

March 2015 Week 5 - Final Book

Hello Everyone,

Once again, my content creation is going to spill over into the next month a bit.  I decided that the pull outs should have images on the fronts and backs, so this has put me a bit behind.  So, this is actually going to be a two part blog entry for the finished book.  (I'm hoping to get the second one posted later this week.)

Overall, I'm very happy with the mostly finished result.  This is such a wonderful book structure from Hedi Kyle, I really encourage everyone to give it a try.

Here's the book in its mostly finished state:

top view with pull-outs shown

front view with pull-outs shown

front view with pull-outs in pockets

detail of diagonal pockets

detail of pull-outs (front)

detail of pull-outs (back)

The next blog entry, I will post photos of the finished pull-outs and then discuss next month's book.

Happy Book Binding!


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