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This is a weekly blog that I have created with the sole purpose of creating a hand bound book once a month. I will be showing the entire process from start to finish. Although I would appreciate some mention of credit, please feel free to use and share any information found on this blog. The creative process rarely happens in a vacuum.

Friday, May 15, 2015

May 15, 2015 - Week 6

Hello Everyone,

Finally!  I finished the cutting, coloring and pasting of the interior pages.  Here's some pictures of the process.
Finished pages before coloring
I do like the look of the plain white page cut-outs, so I will make a version of the book in that style.

Since I was unable to run the pages through a printer, I had to had draw all the lettering using a light table to ensure everything was straight and consistent.

I colored the pages by using Caran d'Ache Crayons and water.  I did this before gluing the pages together to make it easier to handle.

Before gluing, I made sure I knew what direction the pages need to go in.  This book structure calls for the content to be front, back, front, back of the concertina folds.

I am not exactly happy with the color, so I'm thinking I will alter it a bit.  The other problem can be seen below.  And that is where the pages are attached is very visible in the back side of the book.  which would be ok, except I put the page key on the wrong side.  I would prefer not to have to redo those pages, so I'm going to spend some time coming up with a solution for that problem too.

Next week, I will post about the solutions and also a demo of making the book cloth that I will use for the cover.

Until then,

Happy Book Binding!


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