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This is a weekly blog that I have created with the sole purpose of creating a hand bound book once a month. I will be showing the entire process from start to finish. Although I would appreciate some mention of credit, please feel free to use and share any information found on this blog. The creative process rarely happens in a vacuum.

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 2015 - Week 2

A bit behind this week.  I'm still trying to get the bugs out of my schedule.

The theme for this book is "winter".   I'm want to capture the cold, frozen blueish-gray sameness of winter instead of the more picturesque landscapes you find on Holiday cards.  For me the beauty of the time in late winter, when everything is frozen, dirty and gray, is harder to find but its much more eloquent and profound than the first snows.

I am hoping to achieve the look I want by creating a series of layers.

I started each page using just acrylic paint and water.

Then I added another colour, still using just the acrylic paint and water.

It looks pretty bright and un-snow like, I know, but now comes the fun part of adding the layers of acrylic white paint and glazing medium.  It takes a bit of patience because each layer you add needs to dry completely.  I also added a some thicker areas of paint.  This is what turned out -

I like the effect.  I will probably add another layer or two.  I think it's going to be important to make sure the paint does not get too thick.

This technique needs to be done for all the pages, cards and cover sheet.

I did also colour the tyvek strips

Just one coat of Prussian Blue acrylic paint and water.  Since I will be weaving the tyvek strips in and out of the pages, I didn't use any glazing medium on them or anything that could make them sticky or difficult to thread.

For the written text, I have decided to go with a light, san-serif font, such as Corbel*.
Once again with my font choice, I want a font that is softer in appearance but strong in form, mimicking the soft, roundness that snow gives to the frozen landscape but the strengthen of the cold and ice.

The colour will be closer to a light Prussian Blue, rather than the teal shown above.

*might not be the final font I use

I plan to have my pages all painted and ready to bind by next week.  I will add the text after I bind the pages.

Till next time,


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